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4 May, 2021

Wedderburn Redbacks Versus St. Arnaud Saints Footy

Nathan McNally Saints best on ground in the Reserves game against Wedderburn.


The Saints and the Redbacks have had some good tussles in the twos over the past few years and a very even first half which saw only three points separating them at half time told a familiar story.

However a five goal to one second half by the Saints saw them go on to a comfortable four goal victory with a promise of further close encounters between these two teams.

The first quarter was even with both teams scoring two goals.

Evergreen Daniel Needs doing the job for the Saints and Gerald Riley ever ready to make the most of an opportunity scoring both Redback goals.

The third quarter saw the Saints establish a lead and go on with it.

For the Saints Nathan McNally constantly fed key forwards Bigmore and Needs.

J Kell, Dylan Casey and Ned Gorrie along with Hayden Torney were constantly under notice for the Saints while the Redbacks were well served by Tyson Webster in the centre, Macca Smith at half back along with Levi Sims worked hard at keeping the Saints at bay.

Gerald Riley ever the opportunist forward pocketer kicked all of the Redbacks goals and Matt Lockhart put his ample frame in hard at every ruck contest as well as when  things get close and tight in the packs.

Final Scores St Arnaud 9-7-61 def Wedderburn 5-6-36

Goals St. Arnaud R Bigmore D Needs 3 J Male B Knight J Kell 1 Best N McNally J Kell D Casey N Gorrie H Tormey R Bigmore

Goals Wedderburn Gerald Riley 5

Best Tyson Webster Macca Smith Jacob Piccoli Gerald Riley Matt Lockhart Levi Sims.

Redback Awards: Club Incentives Tyson Webster Macca Smith, Bendigo Bank Award 3 Tyson Webster 2 Gerald Riley, Jacob Piccoli, Wedderburn Hotel Meal Tyson Webster, National Hotel Gerald Riley, Turf Towel Macca Smith, Caring Koala Massage Tyson Webster.

Under 16s

The Redback under 16s are suffering the same plight as the thirteens, a shortage of numbers but with help, two teams are still able to have  a game of footy and that is important.

The Saints were up and about from the first bounce, controlled the first term but a little inaccuracy in front of goal cost them a greater lead.

A ten goal second quarter was a game changer as the Saints forged ahead.

The Redbacks despite the task ahead kept trying as Robert Whyman continues to show his undoubted skills and finds the ball a lot.

Dylan Caruana also shows plenty of desire to get the ball as he displays good skills each game.

Newcomer Seth Pringle showed plenty of determination and he will be an asset to the side.

Mack Matthews was the Redback goalsneak for the day.

The Saints had key forwards in Riley Bigmore 7 Goals and  Jackson Needs three.

A couple of familiar Saint names there.

(The way things are looking here Jackson Needs will play a game or two with his old man before Daniel decides to give it away).

Plenty of good players for the Saints including Harrison Meagher and Owen Lowe.

This scribe interested in their progress from here on.

Final Scores St Arnaud 21-11-131 def Wedderburn 8-9-57

Goals St Arnaud R Bigmore 7 J Needs 3 S Male D Johnstone T Funston 2 F Donald G Gorrie J Arbuckle B Piper T Myers 1

Best Players:  T Myers R Bigmore D Tannock G Gorrie H Meagher O Lowe.

Wedderburn Goals Mack Matthews 2 ( Top up players kicked remainder)

Best Robert Whyman Dylan Caruana Seth Pringl

Redback Awards Steels Butchers & Turf Engineering  Robert Whyman,

Greg and Judy Matthews Dylan Caruana, 24 Karat Cafe Seth Pringle.

Under 13s

With limited player numbers at their disposal the Redbacks are in need of help from opposing teams to field sufficient numbers to have a game.

In both games this season, Donald last week and the Saints in this game have been most obliging and the Redbacks appreciate the assistance given in enabling boys to play and keep football alive.

The Saints started well, quickly had goals on the board and held the Redbacks scoreless in the first quarter.

The second and third terms were more even and at three quarter  Saints led by twenty points but a five goal final quarter by the Saints saw the St. Arnaud boys run out comfortable winners.

With key forwards Forbes Kirk and Jack  Batters both kicking three goals the Saints were always in control.

The Redbacks through Evan McCoy, Noah Winslett and Tyson Blair were able to give the scoreboard operator a bit to do and keep the Redbacks in the hunt.

Onwards and upwards from here Redbacks.

Stick with it you never know what is around the corner.

Final Scores St Arnaud 10-10-70 def Wedderburn 3-0-18

St Arnaud goals R Winters F Kirk 3 A Lowe 2 F Donald  A Reyne 1.

Bests J Batters A Weir F Donald F Kirk O Hand O Patton

Wedderburn Goals E McCoy N Winslett T Blair 1.

Redback Awards Drew Ritchie Memorial Will Cunningham Turf Engineering Tom Clarke, Redback Canteen Evan McCoy.

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