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11 May, 2022

EDITORIAL: Masks, on or off, may be a bigger question than it appears

T has been some time since masks have been mandated to be worn outside and now they have been removed from the mandatory list even inside most venues, although hospitals are still problematic. There is however, some opinion against the wearers of masks as if they are a puzzle for displaying freedom of choice. That is exactly what they are doing – simply taking responsibility for their health and the health of anyone around them. It seems that most people believe that if the government have removed the mandate for masks that they are either safe from COVID or there is not a problem, or that it is less of a problem than it was. What is interesting is that the attitude towards those choosing to wear a mask is similar to the attitude displayed when there is fear of the unknown and defensive comments and attitudes are displayed. Are we just over the whole thing or do we actually fear that we are not yet over it.

By Sue Hynes

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