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25 May, 2022

EDITORIAL: It is a time for change, but be careful about its detail

THIS Federal election has been like no other in memory and it is just possible that politics may become interesting, now that the population of this country have spoken and independent candidates, many known as ‘teal independents’ have been tentatively elected to Parliament. The primary vote of both major parties has collapsed in an unequivocal voice by the voters and a Labor government has been elected with less than one third of the primary vote relying on the preferences of the Greens, in most cases, to get them over the line. It is looking as if the cross bench in the Lower House may contain up to 16 and in the Senate up to 17 at this stage. The question on everyone’s lips at the time of writing (Sunday morning) is ‘will Labor govern in their own right or as a minority government?’. The next few days or perhaps even weeks with huge numbers of postal votes and the complication of phone votes for those numbers of COVID-affected voters reduced to telephone voting and complicating and delaying an official result.

By Sue Hynes

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