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4 May, 2021

Children Are The Winners Of Pebble Church Acquisition

PRESIDENT of the Pebble Church Heritage Association, Johanna Medlyn, declared that ‘our children are the winners’ in her address to donors and members at a Garden Party to mark the occasion of the successful return of the church to its community.

By Sue Hynes

Johanna Medlyn addressed those who attended with stories of ‘the week’ that resulted in the successful tender for the Pebble Church

LAST Sunday the association marked their achievement in successfully purchasing the Pebble Church in Carapooee, the former St. Peter’s Church of England, by holding a garden party with invited donors and members.

Johanna Medlyn opened the day, after the guests had feasted on delicacies and mingled together on the first cold day of the season, by accounting the circumstances that transpired last September that lead to the purchase of the historic building.

With only a week to bring together the community and raise the funds believed necessary to purchase the building, Johanna and a further few passionate members of the community, they pulled off the near impossible.

Raised during that week was over $170,000 pledged by the community to save the church from falling into private hands.

Pledges were made by those that had ancestral connections to the building and its role in the lives of the community and those that saw that the loss of the Pebble Church as sad for the community.

The gate to the Pebble Church was a reflection of the old world charm of days gone by.
The Garden Party was held in the grounds of the Pebble Church using the old pews and beautifully made up tables

The history of the Pebble Church is that many families, including Medlyn, Harman, Proctor, Storer, Edelstein, Lee, Vallance, Thwaites, Douglas, Lloyd, Hose and Wheeler had all made their way to Peter’s Diggings during the gold rush.

These families formed part of the volunteer labour force that constructed most of the small church. 

As evidence of the shared passion to retain the Pebble Church, Johanna revealed that all the pledges were honoured.

Many people were thanked for their particular contribution to the effort, including North Central News for raising the profile of the issue with the community.  

The afternoon was marked with a speech by Tom Proctor who cut the cake, and Joan Harman, who was the caretaker of the church for the last 30 years.

The beautiful church is in pristine condition and once again became the place for its community to mingle and enjoy.

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